Group Classes

The group classes are movement explorations, mainly done while lying down on a mat on the floor, but sometimes sitting or standing. You are guided verbally through simple and easy to follow instructions and suggestions of movement sequences, which you explore in a relaxed way, at your own pace. They are purposely non habitual movements in order to engage your attention and curiosity. They are done slowly, gently and without effort, so that you can increase your sensitivity and the flexibility of your attention. It is like an investigation, and your attention navigates between sensing small but important details of your experience, and the overall sense of your structural-functional organisation. In this way you start a dialogue with your nervous system. You enter into a process of self-regulation and self-creation, which opens up new possibilities within yourself and your life. Some benefits you’ll feel straight after the class and other benefits will appear in time as you continue this practice.

Feldenkrais classes are ideal for practicing online because you only need:​

  • enough space to lie on the floor with arms and legs stretched to the sides

  • a mat to lie down on (a yoga mat with a blanket on top works well)

  • a comfortable room temperature 

  • comfortable clothing to move without restrictions

  • a large folded towel to rest your head

  • a second blanket to warm you up if necessary.

Packages & Rates

£10- 1 Class

Single session

You are welcome to drop in

at any class.

No experience required.

£30 - 1 Month

4 classes

Get a discount for one month

of classes.

Valid for 1 person.

£40 - 5 people

Get a group discount. 
Valid for 5 people

in the same session.

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